The Flying Nun

Just a couple photos on the Flying Nun, Christchurch, NZ.Read more


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 Super sick day @christchurchprk Industry Day. Zip line was so fun, them views are too good! Cheers, @matthill1971 and crew  #bikeshopperks @chainreactionnz #team  All around awesome day (and weekend) riding some bikez at the park. Pretty much no wind today, so we went to take a look at Airtearoa. Oh dear. Them there some big tables! Here’s @richardmaddock76 and I on a fun little doubles section with the best views in Christchurch.  #chainreactionnz
 Gettin’ all artsy wit it. #stormgrey #stumpjumper @chainreactionnz  Beautiful day out there. Winter Pass started today! Only did 6 laps, 39 short of my goal (lolz), but that’s okay. Bonus lift to Vic Park and back down to the house was sweet. Good long weekend so far
 Post race triglyceride loading in order after the team goes 1-2-3 on single-speed CX podium. #courage #athleticism #fitness #fitnesswholeburgerinmymouth  Sweet little pedal up the hill tonight! Between some knob turning on the suspension and chucking on the ole clipless pedals, this thing was jumping stumps like whoa. Good for a bunch of PRs.  #stumpjumper
 Me doing cyclocross. #southerncrosscx #chainreactionnz  Me doing enduro at the weekend's mountain cycle race. #gravitycanterbury @chainreactionnz  @theperfectline
 Filthy fun laps today. #stumpjumper #  So, Wanaka is beautiful! Fun ride with Andrea through Sticky Forest today.
 Where ya at @richardmaddock76 ?  Big fan of @natehills1 Was stoked to see him at the top of the lift @christchurchprk Thanks for the photo, sir  #yetitribe
 It doesn’t come easy, people. This is what hard work and dedication looks like. Also, Aaron and I got up there, so that’s pretty cool.  #southerncrosscx #singlespeedcx  A little wrecked after that ride! Haven’t had arm pump like that since last year. Went up Huntsbury to Vic to the park where I ended up finishing off my 10 lift pass with 6x laps of the new Shredzilla track. Reminds me of last summer when you’d do laps until your arms fell off. Shredzilla bringing that back 🤟 #ridemetal
 Recents. #gtsport
 All around awesome day riding bikes on dirt with @richardmaddock76 @barrymcfall @joejoecox1 @jay_mal9
 Newww bike day!!!1! All-new Specialized Stumpjumper Expert Carbon 29. Completely love the colour, bright yet earthy. The pedal home felt so good, can’t wait to get it dirty.  @chainreactionnz @specialized_nz #stumpjumper


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