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 Good morning!  One of these.
 Mcleans was closed due to gale force winds so I came to watch some planes land. Must be 100+ cars out here.  Cool label.
 Racked up, washed up. Looking sweet and ready for some trips.  "Training"
   Poor Camry. Andrea was rear-ended today (she's fine) by a brick company's ute and trailer driven by a man wearing only socks. Said his foot slipped off the pedal. #mothersagainstshoelessbrickhauling
 Sorry @tkissel86 I hate to do it, I swear, but they really are the best bottle cage ever made.  Just cruising the city with @andreadevescovi before the weather comes in.
 Midweek BBQ with @andreadevescovi #humpdayrumpday  Oh dear, bless your heart @andreadevescovi It's okay, I used to misspell my own name all the time in pre-pre-pre-kindergarten.
   Do they make a Jurassic Park edition Jeep? Pretty cool in a weird way.
 The beach  #me
 Recent photo of Kitty. Looks like she's doing just fine. #lifeofleisure  Yep, beer beans taste like beer. Smell like a runny nose, too. No joke, they smell completely terrible.
 And a couple of these on a beautiful day in the city.  So, a bug lives in my camera.


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