Surly Straggler


I went to my first cylcocross race a couple of weeks ago, just as a spectator. It always looked fun and there are some cool guys getting it started in Canterbury, New Zealand. I needed a commuter bike anyways, so I got a Surly Straggler to try a few of these CX races.Read more


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 Heyyyy boyz. #sindy  Da Bear
 The sand sparkles.  MTB/CX race preparations.
 Monday  #yardofthemonth
 Whitebait in Westport.
 Through the Alps. Love the West Coast.  The smell of nitro. Yum. Nitro buggy race.
 Fired up da grill. BBQ season. Andrea made some fantastic potato salad with pesto. #fangoddamntastic  Those guys.
 Beerz later. Drunkz.  Fat ride through the Lyttelton tunnel.
 Did the aviation authorities ban giant Eagles or something?  'Twas a fine day to cross. #ridemetal
 Borrowed Snowy's bike for a lovely day off ride.  Look how classy I am. #stemcaptain #gentlemenracersclub