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 Just cruising the city with @andreadevescovi before the weather comes in.  Later y'all.
 Oh dear, bless your heart @andreadevescovi It's okay, I used to misspell my own name all the time in pre-pre-pre-kindergarten.  Steak and hammer on the grill. There's some real man shit going on in here!
 Do they make a Jurassic Park edition Jeep? Pretty cool in a weird way.  Beer from a can never tasted so good @mormor2006 #karbachbrewing
 #me  Golf, beers and friends. Friday night. This place is awesome. #topgolfhouston
 Yep, beer beans taste like beer. Smell like a runny nose, too. No joke, they smell completely terrible.  Man this thing drives well. 8 years old and it's as quiet, smooth and cold as day 1. Half the window switches might barely work now, still a great truck overall. Cleaned up and ready to sell.
 So, a bug lives in my camera.  Pint for lunch. What you think @mikespeed95 ?
 I don't understand blue ink pens. Why? Never was there a legal form that required anything other than black. 80 pens in the house, all blue.  At the grocery store.
 A lovely day.  Thanks to Trendon @west_end_bikes_htx for a spin on the Stumpy! Mint ride, nice and hot.
 Hey mate.  Texas, y'all.
 The next 13 hours on Air NZ is going to be awesome.  Hello America, you silly bitch, I'm home. #burgersbeersandbaseball


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