Surly Straggler


I went to my first cylcocross race a couple of weeks ago, just as a spectator. It always looked fun and there are some cool guys getting it started in Canterbury, New Zealand. I needed a commuter bike anyways, so I got a Surly Straggler to try a few of these CX races.Read more


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 'Twas a fine day to cross. #ridemetal  Crusaders vs Highlanders.
 Look how classy I am. #stemcaptain #gentlemenracersclub
 Another race in the books. Already training for the next one.  Evening river ride.
 My entourage. #surlybikes #besurly #twinsix #ridemetal  My new commuter.
 Took the Straggla up to the hills. Beautiful day.  Took some Pugsleys for a spin in Hanmer.
 So, that was awesome. #surly #straggler  Good morning!
 First CX race in 1 hour. New bike. Rain. Mud. BMX track. Kinda nervous.  Race of the day!
   And that concludes 8 weeks of Wednesday night racing. Good fun, although I won't be missing the 2 hours of cleaning every Thursday.
 I remember getting the yellow dirt bike for Christmas. Sign says it's from 1991. Also got the red one next to it for Christmas. 2005. Lol.  Caught that Stanger sleepin! @armachac
 Lego show!