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 Some bridge over some river near Hanmer Springs.  Our junk room.
 #catpaint #pushbikesnz  First day taking the training wheels off and he's night riding at Mcleans. #mountainbiker
 Holland America Line cruise ship just around the corner from Picton.  Good morning!
 Rainy and overcast today, but still beautiful. Cruising down Queen Charlotte Drive to Picton, then back to Christchurch.  Mcleans was closed due to gale force winds so I came to watch some planes land. Must be 100+ cars out here.
 Happy Birthday to @andreadevescovi today! Steak, wine and cheese after a sweet ride with perfect weather in Nelson. Fantastic.  Racked up, washed up. Looking sweet and ready for some trips.
 What a lovely day.
 Front row tickets to "Mullet Man" this evening!! Indeed.  Sorry @tkissel86 I hate to do it, I swear, but they really are the best bottle cage ever made.
   Midweek BBQ with @andreadevescovi #humpdayrumpday
 There's @tkissel86 at hour 11.
 12 Hour Solo race was a story of Mad Max level dust and wind. Happy I did it, but I'm pretty sure I never want to ride Mcleans ever again.  The beach


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