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 Racer.  4 wheelin' at Castle Hill.
 You can't work on cars in your lounge. New fork stickaz went on in comfort. How'd yours come out @matthill1971  This mornings coffee + bonus kale smoothie. #myshitgameisonpoint
 Spent our All Blacks ticket money on the bike. Watching the game from Summit Rd.  Still my "realistic dream car," the 1st gen NSX. Timeless design. Oh, a Ram SRT-10 in front of it. Lolz.
 Good morning, sunshine. #garfield #theoriginalgrumpycat
 Some mag about a race in France? Dunno. Free socks!!  Straight out da camera, son.
 Fatbike weather. Good ride with @clarkynz and other Aaron today. #mountainbikingson  Now with 35% less poison.
 World Champ. Already training for 2016. #ridehardeathard  Puzzle Night #3 at the Ketchum's - The home stretch.
 C1 tea comes with extra portion and a brew time. Sweet.  The cat next door invites himself over for a while.
 This is my race face. #crossduro
 Bikes are a serious matter. #srsly #bicycleriding  #ridehardeathard


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