The Flying Nun

Just a couple photos on the Flying Nun, Christchurch, NZ.Read more


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 This guy.  #964 @magnuswalker #urbanoutlaw
 #im36yearsold Thank you @andreadevescovi !  Birthday laps for my boy @aarontwemlow
   Just browsing YouTube on the TV.
 Nice to see Shadow at the end of a terrible day for Christchurch. Just walked down the street to see the glowing smoke up the hill from us. Beautiful night, stars are out. Texas friends, there are multiple out-of-control fires in the hills. Been burning for a few days now with not much hope as they're somewhat inaccessible. Bummer  #934
   Breakfast dishes. #christchurchprk #committothestoke
 Neighbors cat, Shadow, napping in our yard. She's a pretty cat. Comes by regularly.  Score! #porsche964 #thewarehouse
 Built up Andrea's new #iamspecialized Women's Camber tonight. This thing pedals super well. Love it!  The Rail Trail Hunter scans the horizon for a flat, finely prepared surface to ride his steed of steel. #soadventure
 30km/h mid-high 5 from @iantalbot97 in the car in Colombo St. traffic.
 Pretty excited that we moved right by the hills. 10 minute bike ride from garage to chairlift. Loving the #enduro29 on #airtearoa 🤘🇳🇿  Solid ride today boys  @burgerw @aarontwemlow and Darryl
 A good sit after a day of moving.   Started my new eco-roof. #justdoingmypart


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