The Flying Nun

Just a couple photos on the Flying Nun, Christchurch, NZ.Read more


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 Back in my other home, after spending nearly an hour in a holding pattern waiting for low clouds to clear. 🇳🇿  Awesome night of good friends, food and beer.
 We had an amazing time in Houston. Great, friendly people. Being away and coming back gave me a new appreciation for the city. It was real fun introducing Andrea to friends and family and showing her around Texas. Best holiday we've ever had. Thanks to everyone. ✈️  This is the craziest paint, wrap or whatever it is, I've ever seen! I'm as tall as the door handle. I love Texas. #rainbowchromevinyl
   Some sweet laps with @a.luecker riding different trails. Good stuff.
 Awesome night at the Rockets game with the fam! #htown #clutchcity  This guy.
 Date night on the boardwalk. That roller coaster is legit, by the way!  #im36yearsold Thank you @andreadevescovi !
 When I first saw the Saturn V as a kid, it was outdoors. They built the building around it in the early 2000's. Was nice to see it again. Always impressive.
 Started pouring rain. Good thing there's this 747 here.
 Uber Black to Top Golf in a Z71 Suburban. The moose's name is Joe Wilson. Lol.
 Downtown is looking great. Clean. Friendly. Lots of stuff to do.


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