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 #ridehardeathard  New fork is worth more than the car #classicnewzealand
 #crossduro  Andrea got me a guitar for my birthday. Haven't played in a while. #amateurhour #letsplaywonderwall
 8-hour race from last week. #thisismyxcbike #unnecessaryairtime  #yes
 Hanmer 8-hour done. 109km. 7.25 hours. Hours of cleaning in the near future.  Had to grab one of these. Coffee liqueur with tequila. The red one adds cocoa. Will be the best or worst drink ever.
 You're looking at Saturday's winning water bottle @tkissel86 #visualisethewin #realisethewin @twinsix  She's a real workhorse.
 Mondays are my scrum sled days @tkissel86  Couple dudes at Godley Head.
 Time for dessert @tkissel86  Packhorse Hut a few hours ago.
 Continued training @tkissel86 #soundstomachsoundmind  The Steeds. Doing work.
 Still training. #1weektillraceday #homemademaragaritagameisonlockdown  Rise and shine? Low clouds over the Packhorse Hut.
 Got the small cup this time. #1weektillraceday @tkissel86 #ridehardeathard  Well, that was a wasted trip.


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