Rude Rock on Coronet Peak

Rude Rock


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 A lovely Friday evening.  Up to Coronet Peak
   The luge track.
 Old school baby bath?  Queenstown from above with bonus paraglider.
 Shopping  Blim blam. That came out good.
 The golden hour on our last night in Queenstown.  2-min noodles, mushroom, chorizo, spinach. Andrea the camp chef over here.
 And that concludes a full day of DH runs. Brakes are toast. Body is toast. Awesome.  A few moments of sun in Queenstown on Andrea's birthday.
 @andreadevescovi shredded up Hammys Track on the Reign, today.  Queenstown room. There's the gondola! Hells Pizza and numerous bars below. Yes.
   South bound and down. Queenstown is the destination.
 I'm on a boat.  Blue Bonnets at Lake Tekapo.
 Rude Rock


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