The Flying Nun

Just a couple photos on the Flying Nun, Christchurch, NZ.Read more


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 Epic day out at Craigieburn Enduro! Didn’t get out there last year, real happy to have races in perfect conditions this year. Here are some clips of stages 1,2,3 and 5.   Party train down the Nun! Super cool ride tonight. Thanks, guys.
  #legos #hotwheels #im36yearsold  The people have spoken.
 So pumped that the @christchurchprk is open again. Love that it lets me ride with both my lady and my friends at the same time and we all end up at the bottom for a nice drink afterwards. #nzsummer #ionlyridepark  Maiden voyage on the new Stumpy. What an experience! Going from a long travel alloy bike to carbon with short travel coil suspension is a totally different ball game! M Stumpy just fits better than M Enduro, shoulda gone small Enduro before. Stumpy makes all those flatter trails super fun yet still fun on steepish stuff, in a more lively, feisty type of way. Got some PRs even! Last part of Traverse and top half Flying Nun by 10 seconds. #livefreeridehardgetstoked #chainreactionnz #iamspecialized #stumpjumpercoil
 Dusty, loose times at the @gravitycanterbury Port Hills Enduro yesterday! 🤟  @dominicblissett (thank you, sir)  For sale! Please buy. Thank you.
 Super good day at the @gravitycanterbury Port Hills Enduro. Bike, weather, course and energy was on point. Despite a Stage 4 crash, real happy with other stages and it was a super day for me and the @chainreactionnz team. 🤟  Super fun ride on the Stumpjumpers tonight. Man, these things rip trails! @chainreactionnz #nzsummer2017 #iamspecialized
 Epic staredown!  @andreadevescovi  Looking forward to racing the Enduro World Series in 2018 for Team Ali Express aboard the Boss 3000.
 Beautiful day in Dunedin! Some sweet shuttle laps up Signal Hill.   That classic tractor shot. #chainreactionnz
 Most excellent ride tonight.
 Super sick klunker ride tonight!
 It’s always hard to get up, but once you’re out there it’s the best. Love early morning rides. #chainreactionnz


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