The Flying Nun

Just a couple photos on the Flying Nun, Christchurch, NZ.Read more


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 Posting cyclocross signs on a rainy day. May this weather continue! #crossiscoming  Amazing ride yesterday. Here we are beginning our descent from Ghost Lake.
 #nightracing  The longest beach ever.
 The city. Thanks @andreadevescovi for an amazing gift.  Cheap entertainment. Sparks in the Park / Night Noodle.
 From 2,500 feet in an Alpha 160A.  This cow gets it.
 This morning's fog is burning off just before my intro flight begins. Pretty clear out there!  Lovely day up Kennedy's Bush Track.
 Another twinsie! 4th double yoker egg in this carton. Weedons got some radioactive mutant chickens over there. #breakfastatnight  Some sweet clouds at the top of Yankee Zephyr in Hanmer Springs.
   I love those building concept renderings with the people in them. Look at ole mate here.
 First ride in a helicopter was awesome.  #bicycleriding


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