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 Well, that was a wasted trip.  Always gotta stop by the toy aisle. Matchbox Mustang SSP.
 #outsideisfree  #catcross #besurly #ridemetal
 Routine. #surlybikes #shitmypants #gettingthingsdone  A lovely Friday evening.
 Amazing colours out there. #surlybikes #wheredagoldat
 Bananas + oatmeal + dark chocolate chip. Ground linseed optional. Bake 10 minutes. Easy. Perfect for the bike!  Old school baby bath?
 A rowdy 65km with this sumbitch. @snowymc #thisismytrailbike  Shopping
 Coupla fatties in the hills  The golden hour on our last night in Queenstown.
   And that concludes a full day of DH runs. Brakes are toast. Body is toast. Awesome.
 A rare sight. You miss stuff like Christmas lights.  @andreadevescovi shredded up Hammys Track on the Reign, today.
 Pretty colours. 9:18 PM


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