Beer and Scooters

My friends, Brooke and Mike, recently got a pair of Honda Ruckuses. They cruised over to the St. Arnold’s Brewery with some other Ruckus riders where I met up with them.

This was the first time I had been to St. Arnold’s and it was an interesting experience. They occupy a 100 year old building that was previously used for Houston ISD’s food service. $7 buys you admission, a small glass and tokens for 4 fills. That’s about 2 beers total. They have a large hall with long tables and plenty of room to stand around and visit. People brought in all kinds of stuff, like pizza, board games, cards and even folding chairs. It was like an indoor park that serves beer. We got a tour of the place by Brock Wagner, the co-founder of St. Arnold’s.

After that, we cruised over to a BBQ place for lunch. Brooke was nice enough to let me ride her Ruckus. It was so much fun! We had a nice little pack of scoots there. After lunch, we ended up downtown for a few shots.