Better Fat than Never

The whole time I’m messing around with cars and racing junk (since highschool) people were out riding fatbikes. Surly came out with the Pugsley in 2005 and I only first discovered them in mid-2012. I feel like I’ve been missing out the whole time. I recently hopped on a Pugsley at West End Bikes. Hooked. How cool are these things?

When Salsa announced the Beargrease, it was a decently lightweight bike at 28.5 lbs for a medium. Nothing special, though. It had an aluminum fork, good build spec and relatively lightweight tires. Along with the decently low weight, the more trail-like geometry was a selling point. Screw it. Let’s buy it.

These things are hard to find. You’d have better luck safely escaping a Walmart with a $200 TV on Black Friday. It’s already half way through the first winter of its availability, but I managed to find one at Cycle Haven, a shop out of Oyster Bay, NY. Derrick built it up and shipped it out.

And here it is. The Bear. Love it.