Black & White Film

I recently bought a Canon New F-1 to play around with. I wanted something that would really force me to think about exposure and composition, plus, I enjoy the mechanical nature of things like this.  Here are some shots from the first few rolls.

The first location is the boardwalk at Kemah, TX. I live near there and it’s got interesting things to shoot, so I’m often there testing gear and playing around. These were taken on a Thursday summer night, when the boardwalk has live music and a lot of activities going on.

The second location is my “studio” at home. Kitty often crashes the set to see what’s going on. I’m always blowing Kitty hair off whatever I’m trying to shoot.

The third location is David Wayne Hooks airport on the North side of Houston. They have a cool collection of old turbofans that provide an interesting background. The water in the last few shots is actually a water runway for seaplanes!