Surly Straggler

I went to my first cylcocross race a couple of weeks ago, just as a spectator. It always looked fun and there are some cool guys getting it started in Canterbury, New Zealand. I needed a commuter bike anyways, so I got a Surly Straggler to try a few of these CX races.


Surly Straggler

Love this thing. It’s my first steel bike and there really is something to it. It’s hard to describe. It’s that look you get from black and white film that you just can’t replicate with a digital camera and software.

New bike. First CX. Mud and rain. BMX track on the course. This will be fun.


You can see the nice little run up the grassy hill in the middle. Cyclocross is a weird thing. Going down some muddy hill on a road bike was just hilarious to me. So fun, though. Anyways, there was heaps of grassy mud and I had a ton of fun and will be back for more.

IMG_3993IMG_3996 IMG_3997