The Last River Ride

Today marked what will probably be my last ride on the Rakaia River. I’ve been in New Zealand for 8 months and only just recently got my first full-time job, at a bike shop even (Pushbikes, awesome). So, I’ll be moving into town to be close to work.

Today also marked the first proper ride on my new/old snow white Pugsley. I bought this bike from my friend, Mark, who hired out fatbikes in Hanmer Springs. These older Pugsleys have some cool things about them that you don’t see on the newer stuff. It has the discontinued Endormorph tyre on the rear, the offset fork and a Larry up front and rim brake compatible Large Marges, which look great with that machined lip. Throw in some scuffs and scratches and I feel like I’m riding a bike with a lot of character. Love it.

Rakaia is a small town known for its salmon fishing. What it doesn’t have are MTB trails, but what it does have is an always changing, natural playground of sand, rocks and clean flowing water. Perfect for fatbiking. I’ve ridden out here regularly. Hopping on the bike and heading for the river always helped clear up my head. Riding the same ole river was always new and different. “Hey, let’s try to cross this low part today.” It was usually a 50/50 chance on getting across the river without putting my foot down. Today I came home with wet boots and some nice photos of the river.

IMG_2733Download a high-res copy of this photo here. Use it however you’d like.