Womble Trail

Phillip and I recently went on a great ride. We went to Arkansas to ride ATVs at Wolf Pen Gap and bikes on the epic Womble Trail.

The Womble is in the Ouachita Mountains in the Western part of the state. It’s a long, rocky trail, mostly bench-cut into the side of the mountains, that twists through hardwood and pine with lots of little stream crossings. We planned a 50-mile out-and-back ride from North Fork Lake to the Hwy 27 Fishing Village and back. It was the longest ride for both of us in the coldest weather we’ve ridden. Mid 20’s.

About 9.5 hours later, we arrived back at North Fork Lake. The total elevation gain was about 5,200 feet. The Womble is an epic trail. It’s got a nice, wild feel to it like you’re on a real adventure. There’s also the 237 mile long Ouachita Trail that meets the Womble further North that’d be good for a multi-day ride. It was a great day.